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December 16, 2009


Brendan Harris

Reminds me of when I was a kid--about eight-years-old--going to a Christian school. I was sent to the principal's office and punished for saying that I loved the devil because God teaches us to love everyone.

Debbie Wolfe

The school has a few issues with the media account:

Jeff Jena

Nice post Marc,
When I was a kid at Catholc school we used to do these battle scene drawing with lots of blood and explosions. I would have been committed to the looney bin! Come to think of how things have worked out maybe that would have been better for me.

P.S. I still think your chef's hat looks like the headdress for a well known racist group, sorry!


Jeff, I can't help what your eyes see, man. It's a chef's hat. Specifically, taken from a photo of the head chef from the White House...

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